Screen Printing Options

Put in the most basic terms, screen printing (sometimes known as "silk screen printing") uses a series of stencils to decorate a substrate.

Standard Screen Printing

We offer screen printing which is the process of plastisol inks through a screen. We can screen print onto apparel such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jackets, and caps containing cotton, polyester or cotton/polyester blended fabric.

Screen printed inks are often used for most printing found in large retail stores and offer the look, feel and durability you expect. Screen printing can be single or multi-color. With an extensive list of over 70 stock color choices available, specific color matches can be ordered as well.

Choose from a wide variety of ink formulas, from standard to glitter to puff. Use Easy Prints layouts, with over 4000 unique layouts to choose from, or send us your artwork to create custom printed apparel.

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Specialty Ink Screen Printing

Add some bling or dimension to your custom apparel with our specialty inks.

Glitter Glitter

Glitter adds sparkle to your design and can be on any color apparel. They look best with large, bold designs. Glitter is ideal for cheer, spirit, and fashion wear. It can be screen printed in 1-5 glitter colors.

Glitter is available in Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, and Green.

Pearl Prints Pearl Prints

Pearl Prints come in soft metallic fashion colors. They're a great way to add sheen to a one-color print for spirit wear, dance, cheer, holiday, and specialty items.

Pearl Prints is available in 6 unique colors.

Puff Puff

Puff ink gives the design a unique raised look and feel. It looks best with large, bold designs. Great for fashion apparel.

Puff is available in black or white. Only black and white will puff when combined with other colors.

Glow Glow in the Dark

Have some extra fun at Halloween and birthday parties! The print will appear a frosted, off-white color in daylight; in darkness, it will glow a brilliant green. To keep illuminated, the print can be recharged in normal room light. This type of print works best on dark apparel.

Foil Foil

Foil will add color and shine to anywhere there is ink in the design.

Elasti Prints Elasti Prints

This ink is designed for today's popular performance fabrics such as Under Armour® and other moisture wicking apparel. This print will stretch.

Elasti Prints is available in numerous colors.